Who is Jarek Slagowski

Jarek Slagowski shares his 30 years of experience with YOU!

Jarek is the rare combination of a former competitive fighter AND a trainer of champions.

His remarkable background includes training Special Forces operatives, MMA fighters, Golden Gloves finalists, Grapplers Quest champions, and holding black belts in Judo and Kyokushin Karate (think George St. Pierre).

While competing as a fighter, Jarek participated in brutal bare knuckles, no pads/gloves tournaments. It’s one thing to compete in the ring or cage, but a totally different world on the streets. Jarek grew up on the lawless streets of Eastern Europe, where the police would shine a light to watch the combatants and take whoever survived off to jail. He quickly learned which fighting techniques worked and which could cause you to wake up in the hospital…if at all. After moving to the US, Jarek took a part time job as a bouncer at one of the most rough and tumble areas of New Jersey. On an almost nightly basis, he had to break up fights without hurting the people involved, some so drunk or high they were impervious to pain. In such a job, your real-world fighting and defense skills get honed even further.

After 30 years of training fighters to improve their skills and attain remarkable physical condition, many of his students suggested he share his knowledge and experience with the world, via the Internet.

Study the sample videos on the site. Your body will be in tremendous shape and you will learn some fighting skills as well!