Cross Punch with Bands
Right Hook with Bands
1 – 2 Knee Combination
TRX Suspended Recline Pull
TRX Foot Jab Exercise
Band Lead Roundhouse
Combat Stance Exercise
Sandbag Halo
Ropes Crossing Arm
Power Leg Combinations
Roundhouse Kick
Power Kicks Technique

Band Jab Punch
Uppercut Punch with Bands
TRX Suspended Pushups
TRX Mountain Climbers
TRX 2 Legged Climbers
Plyometric Pushups
Sandbag Lunges
Battling Rope Waves
Right Uppercut on Mitts
Power Roundhouse Bands
1 – 2 Low Kick
Left Hook Punch with Bands
Arm Combination with Bands
TRX Roundhouse Kick
TRX Mini Squat Front Kick
Knee Kick with Bands
Thai Pad Roundhouse
Battling Ropes Jab Arm
Right Hook on Mitts
Power Knee Kicks
Power Cross on Donut
Punching Kicking Combinations